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Welcome to Cool Sun Software

We are a small group of developers based in Florida, USA who are dedicated to creating useful and fun applications for mobile devices. Please click the My Way Back item in the menu to see our first application written for iOS.


  • October 22, 2014 - "My Way Back" 2.1 is on sale!! Click here to view the app in the app Store.
  • August 17, 2014 - "My Way Back" 2.1 is forthcoming. It will be a free upgrade for "My Way Back" 2.0 owners. iOS8 compatibility and iBeacon support are being added!! Put an iBeacon in your car and "My Way Back" will store its location automatically whenever you leave it.
  • April 25, 2014 - "My Way Back" 2.0 is on sale!! Click here to view the app in the app Store.
  • April 13, 2014 - "My Way Back" 2.0 has been submitted to Apple for approval. It should be available in the app store soon.

My Way Back

My Way Back was designed to help you get back to your starting location as quickly and easily as possible. You simply record the spot you want to find your "Way Back" to later, and the application will get you back there using your device's on board location and directional sensors.

New in My Way Back version 2.1 is support for iBeacons. Place an iBeacon in your car, and the My Way Back application will store its location even when the application isn't running. There are many vendors selling iBeacons, and they can be found by searching the internet for "iBeacon". Please click the iBeacon FAQ item in the menu for some suggestions and answers to common questions.

Using an innovative augmented reality display or a top down view, the application will show you where your desired spot is in relation to your current location indicating direction and distance.

This isn't an aid for navigation when driving, but it helps you find your way back to locations not on roads or after walking short distances. Some examples:

  • Find your "Way Back" to your car after spending time at a mall, theme park, sports venue, etc...
  • Find your "Way Back" back to your hotel after taking a walk in a new city when traveling.
  • Find your "Way Back" to a meeting location after separating from your friends.

There are lots of uses!!


  • Use an iBeacon to store the location of your car (or anything else) automatically without any effort on your part even when the My Way Back application is not running.
  • You can store multiple locations to find your "Way Back" to.
  • You can take a picture of the area you wish to find your "Way Back" to.
  • When the device is held upright, you can view an innovative augmented reality view to find your "Way Back".
  • When the device is not upright, you can view a map showing your current location and the location you want to find your "Way Back" to.

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What is an iBeacon?

An iBeacon is a device which utilizes Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) to broadcast presence signals. Your iPhone can detect when it is in the presence of an iBeacon if the iBeacon's properties are entered into this application.

How can I use the iBeacon with My Way Back?

This app will record your current position on your device automatically whenever it detects it has left the presence of an iBeacon whether the app is actually running or not. A good use for this is to keep an iBeacon in your car. Whenever you get out of your car, the application will store the current location automatically (it usually is able to store a location within 30 paces or so of the iBeacon). Don't worry about your iPhone's battery life. The Bluetooth LE protocol the iBeacon uses is designed to be extremely energy efficient.

Where can I get an iBeacon?

There are many vendors available who supply iBeacons. Feel free to use any of them. However, you should look for vendors who allow their iBeacons to be easily configured. Two such vendors are suggested below. They provide the ability to customize their iBeacon's properties via their own free iPhone app. Thus they are easily changed to be unique to you. This is important so you don't inadvertantly interact with someone else's iBeacon. Also, the power output of the iBeacon can be lowered. This is important so the iPhone can detect leaving the iBeacon's presence as early as possible.

Please See:

RadBeacon Tag

Particle Beacon

What are the iBeacon's Properties?

An iBeacon is uniquely identified by three properties:

  • UUID: UUID stands for Universally Unique IDentifier. It has the format '########-####-####-####-############' where each '#' can be a number or letter in the range A-F.
  • Major: This is a number in the range 0-65535.
  • Minor: This is a number in the range 0-65535.

Together these three properties are used to identify a particular iBeacon, and when they are entered into this application your iPhone can detect the matching iBeacon's presence.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us to provide feedback or require support for "My Way Back", or you would like to inquire about hiring us for contract work or consulting please email: